German Grammar Training

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Hi, I am Lena, a multilingual person and a German language instructor in Southern California. I hope you will hire me to give you an introduction into German grammar and to teach you ways to think in this language. All you will need to do to start your progress is to appear to the lessons.

I specialize in introduction into the grammatical structure and philosophical beauty of German language, and in training my students to speak standard German (Hochdeutsch) in form of casual dialogues, preparing them to communicate their thoughts and needs in various social situations. In our lessons we will use current German media, songs, classic literature, children verses, and chat in German about life.

Although I adapt my teaching to the individual needs of each person, I maintain clarity by sufficient repetition, concentration on fundamentals, and introduce new elements of speech, integrating them with already known.

My method is based on scientific findings about human memory and my personal experience as a trilingual person who lived in various cultures. Often, I utilize tables, drawings, analogies, and in depth explanations from my future book on German grammar. 

Teaching Example

My last long-term corporate student progressed from knowing only a few words in German to the intermediate level in business communication with a strong knowledge in grammar and fluent reading, - all in one course of 50 lessons. We went through two books, listened to German songs and media, analyzed paragraphs from finest German literature, and analyzed fun and flexible creative homework.

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My Background

As someone who learnt to love German in her twenties and lived and studied in Germany for many years, I can provide you with methods of grasping the essence of the language quickly, and of mastering it steadily, - many of which are not obvious to the native speakers.

First, I studied German in Goethe Institute, Berlitz, VHS, and then in Institute for International Communication by Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf. After getting the highest scores in almost all parts of the exam for academic German, I was accepted in a master degree program at the Essen-Duisburg University, where I stayed for one semester, before going to the United States.

I am a German national who lived in US for over 7 years. In 2014,  finished advanced US college courses for English Composition and Critical Thinking with GPA 4.00 in San Diego City College. During my studies I  worked as a legal and IT German-English translator.

I am currently fluent in three languages, and I spoke another two in the past. My academic background is in economics (a 5-year university degree), and I am an artist with independent views on cultures.

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Formal Education in German

Goethe Institut, Düsseldorf

German Studies, Level B (112 hours), 2002 – 2002

Berlitz Deutschland GmbH

Deutsch (German) Level 5 (~50 hours), 2002 – 2003

VHS (NRW, Germany)

Advanced German Language Diploma Preparation (78 hours), 2003 – 2004

Deutsches "Kleines Sprachdiplom" Vorbereitung

Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e. V. (IIK Düsseldorf)

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Standard academic German examination training for advanced learners (50 hours), January 2004 – April 2004

Academic German Certificate (TestDaF) # 016988

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Lessons and Courses

Currently, I offer private lessons in coastal Orange County, California.

You can easily prepay a lesson or a course, following one of the links in the pricing table below. You will be offered to choose PayPal or major payment cards.

The best recurrence for the lesson, according to my experience, is 2-3 times a week: enough time for your brain to process and connect new data, and not enough time to forget most of it. One time a week works as well, but with more homework (I promise to make it interesting or easy).

To encourage a necessary rhythmical commitment to language learning, I prompt my students to prepay a course - 10 or 50 lessons. I will partially refund any payment only if I decide that I won't be able to serve you well. If you want to test me first, please choose to prepay one first lesson (see table below).

If you are outside of my area, we can conduct the scheduled lessons over the internet (Skype, Hangouts).

You will be able to add additional lessons upon agreement with a price you have started, and never more. For example, if you first prepay a 50-hour course, and then want to extend it with another lesson or two, your rate will state $40-45 per academic hour, compared to $50 - it is 10-20% less.

A double academic hour scheduling will save you some time and money and allows for deeper language immersion, but may be experienced as more intense and even tiring. The intense course with two consecutive days of 5-hour lessons a day is designed for people who like to move fast. 

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Courses and Lessons Academic
Number of
/ Hour
Price Total
Pay Link
Full Course
 - Double Hour 50 25 $40 $2,000 9 - 25
 - Single Hour 50 50 $45 $2,250 17 - 50
 - Additional Double 2 1 $40 $80
 - Additional Single 1 1 $45 $45
Introductory Course
 - Double Hour 10 5 $45 $450 2-5
 - Single Hour 10 10 $50 $500 4-10
 - Additional Double 2 1 $45 $90
 - Additional Single 1 1 $50 $50
Intense Course 10 2 $60 $600 1
First Lesson (once) 1 $50 $50

* An "academic hour" is defined as 50 minutes.

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Course Concentrations

  • German Grammar and Dialogue for Beginners
  • German for Travelers
  • Business German for Professionals

Main areas for the private German lessons in Orange County, California:

  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Costa Mesa, CA
  • Fountain Valley, CA
  • Santa Ana, CA
  • Westminster, CA

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Thank you for considering my service.

Please, text me with questions and for scheduling after payment:

+1 (323)686-1771


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