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I make portraits, short films for individuals and businesses, take photographs on events and special occasions, design sites and logotypes, teach art and languages, and sell original artwork - paintings and drawings.

Product Types:

  • Personal and business promotion, product demonstration, property presentation.
  • Public image management, web presence, interactive sites with unique graphics. 
  • Short films, interviews, testimonials, tutorials, story based advertisement.
  • Event photography (special occasions, meetings, parties).
  • Language lessons, translation, interpreting.
  • Fine art originals and art lessons.

I watched Citizen Kane (1941), appreciating the work of Orson Welles and Gregg Tolandagain, as a camera operator, or cinematographer, this time. Wells injected the Citizen Kane with the symbolism: rosebud

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This beautiful airplane, Jet Falcon 50 (Dassault Aviation), I shot at the international John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, when it landed there for one hour. 

Visual collections of art, photographs, personalities and infographics on Pinterest by Lena Nechet @LTalks