As a consultant in Russian language, I help people to communicate in Russian, and to better understand Russian native speakers in English.

German Grammar Training

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Hi, I am Lena, a multilingual person and a German language instructor in Southern California. I hope you will hire me to give you an introduction into German grammar and to teach you ways to think in this language. All you will need to do to start your progress is to appear to the lessons.

I specialize in introduction into the grammatical structure and philosophical beauty of German language, and in training my students to speak standard German (Hochdeutsch) in form of casual dialogues, preparing them to communicate their thoughts and needs in various social situations. In our lessons we will use current German media, songs, classic literature, children verses, and chat in German about life.

 Artistic Logotype Design Service

If you need a unique and very special logo for your project, consider hiring an artist with a degree in economics to create it in a way it can satisfy your aesthetic desires, attract targeted audience, induce memorable positive feelings, and motivate action.

The images will be likely minimalist, elegant, and balanced in color.


Thank you for checking out my old trilingual site - the access to its blog was set to private in Summer 2016, but some of the articles I plan to publish on this site. 

Please, stay in touch, if this was your intention. 

I appreciate your interest,


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About me personally:

People call me Lena, I am a mixed Slavic German national from California, raised in Ukraine, lived in several European and two American cultures, multilingual - I spoke a few languages and still fluent in three. My academic background is in economics (5-year university degree), I am experienced in web development and design, I studied and practiced media production, and produced short documentary films. I am an optimistic "optimalist" with a minimalist lifestyle, who lives primarily on fresh fruit. I love kind and smart people, enjoy dancing, running and swimming. Art is my passion. 

Emotions Infographics

Wish to follow popular tips from prominent storytellers? Touch on sensuality, evoke fun and wonder, give a peaceful feeling, have a hero, but mix it all with suffering, provoke anger, scare and detest, - does all that create a good story?

Ellen and Bob Eliason Image

Longer than fifty five years together - Ellen and Bob (Ellen Easter, chemist, and Robert E. Eliason, a prominent brass instruments expert and musician) have been married for over a half a century. This 8-minute documentary, based on interviews with them individually, and full of humorous anecdotes, explores their reflections on how they have lived long, happy life together.