Services and products by Lena Nechet , LTalks.

Complete or partial solutions for individuals and businesses - combined services and products, value packages.

Visual and verbal communication, problem solving by strategic use of text, image and color - still and motion pictures, web sites and public image:

  • memorable presentation,
  • artistic functionality,
  • elegant entertainment. 

Web log by Lena Nechet on - journal posts, essays, tutorials, and vlog.

About Lena Nechet, and the brand LTalks.

Social networks, communities, groups, events, profiles, membership, social media, communication, connections, friends

Web development, sites, logo design, online public image management, web presence consulting.

English - German interpreting and translation, business and travel German lessons, German grammar courses, Russian language and literature, English grammar for native German and Russian speakers.

  • German language services - lessons, translation, and interpreting.
  • Deutschsprachige dienstleistungen - Deutschunterricht, Übersetzung und Dolmetschen.

Russian Language services - lessons, translation, and interpreting.

Услуги русского языка - уроки и перевод.

Featured artwork, films, photographs, by Lena Nechet - an artist, videographer, and photographer in California.

Works of visual art by Lena Nechet - hand made graphic art, compositions made by applying pigments to a surface (paintings and drawings), artistic productions, digital graphics, designs.

Draw your mind! Meditative Drawing project - mindless art, lines of life, mindful doodling.

Films by Lena Nechet, a videographer in California.

Short films are shorter than feature films, duration under 40, often 1-15 minutes.

Videography - the process and art of making video films.

Photographs taken by Lena Nechet.

Digital photography - the science, art and skill of creating images by recording light electronically.

Portrait photography by Lena Nechet. Environmental portrait - portraiture made in the person's usual environment, illuminating their life; photographing a person in their natural surroundings to portray the essence of their personality; street photography.

Photographs depicting inanimate subject matter, still life, man-made objects - images with things, product photography, nature morte, places and interiors, architecture and transportation. 

Nature - photographs that picture the natural physical world including plants and animals, sky and water, landscapes.