Art photography by a fine art painter, Lena Nechet - photographs taken in Europe and the United States.

Digital photography - the science, art and skill of creating images by recording light electronically.


This beautiful airplane, Jet Falcon 50 (Dassault Aviation), I shot at the international John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, when it landed there for one hour. 

Boy, Laughing

These are examples of child photography and environmental portrait: an amazing boy Alex was having fun on Coronado, California.


This photograph is an environmental portrait: you see not only the girl's face or figure, but also what she does.


This mini rose I found in North Park, San Diego. The photograph demonstrates a shallow depth of field (DOF) achieved by using a fast lens: f/1.7 40mm eqv. 

Portrait photography by Lena Nechet. Environmental portrait - portraiture made in the person's usual environment, illuminating their life; photographing a person in their natural surroundings to portray the essence of their personality; street photography.

Photographs depicting inanimate subject matter, still life, man-made objects - images with things, product photography, nature morte, places and interiors, architecture and transportation. 

Nature - photographs that picture the natural physical world including plants and animals, sky and water, landscapes.