Lena Nechet

Hi, my name is Lena Nechet, and LTalks is a brand for my media production services and art.

In addition to painting and drawing, I make films and take photographs. I also create vector and 3D graphics, and teach languages

Despite an academic background in economics and experience in web development, most of my life I was a painter and a photographer. Then in 2007, I discovered videography, and later produced short documentary films after studying film-making in 2013-15.

My Story

As an Artist

My home was full of art reproduction albums, and I wanted to paint since I was five. Other passions came and went, but the desire of visual expression of worldview and abstract beauty followed me ever since. 

Growing up among lots of books, and specifically on fine art, I started with oils at age six, when I painted an autumn oak tree under a guidance of a formally trained artist. Then I practiced academic figure and nature morte drawing, hoping to be transferred to a best full time creative school in my city, where I could continue playing piano and study art. Well, I got accepted, but we left the country before I could enjoy it.

Later, I finished music and then high school, with in depth math program, and my parents convinced me to study economics for practical reasons. I continued with drawing during those years, but mostly for fun

At 13, I got a two-lens SLR, and developed my black and white film rolls and photographs in an improvised darkroom. My first photograph was of an elegant white-red Collie. Though, I was mostly interested in photographing and drawing kids of my age. 

I went through a variety of equipment and self expression styles, and ended up realizing that I should concentrate on art and filmmakingIn 2008 I bought the best for my needs portable video camera, and in 2012 I was ready for more serious camera, designed for both photography and video production, with wonderful lenses and filters. I invested in high quality sound and light equipment, and studied videography in colleges, choosing the best teachers. 

In the last years I tested some of my film editing ideas. I divided the time between jobs and art, aiming to increase the time I could paint and make films. 

A few years ago, I switched from oil painting to acrylic second time, after the first attempt in early 2000s, and found my way in it, expanding then in other water and dry media like watercolor, sumi-e ink, charcoal, etc. 

My favorite genre is abstract portrait.

In the next 10 years I plan to establish a body of works in fine art, and make at least one feature documentary film and several short films. Now I am working on art series for publishing and on a few independent and promotional film projects, including a video podcast for some exciting folks.

I love showing people their own depth and beauty, and letting others discover fascinating personalities through my work.

If you like what I do, let me make something for you.

Thanks for reading