Introduction to German Lessons and Interpreting with Lena

Hi, I am Lena, a multilingual person and a German language instructor and interpreter in Southern California.

This page would be of interest to you if you are considering me as a teacher or for oral translation of speech in person.


I hope you will hire me to give you an introduction into German grammar and to teach you the ways to think in this language. All you will need to do to start your progress is to find time for the lessons.

I specialize in introduction into the grammatical structure as well as philosophical beauty of German language, and in training my students to speak standard German (Hochdeutsch) in form of casual dialogues, preparing them to communicate their thoughts and needs in various social situations.

In our lessons we will use current German media, songs, classic literature, children verses, fun dialogues, and will chat in German about life.

Although I adapt my teaching to the individual needs of each person, I maintain clarity by sufficient repetition, concentration on fundamentals, and introduce new elements of speech, integrating them with already known.

My method is based on scientific findings about human memory and my personal experience as a multilingual person who lived in various cultures. Often, I utilize tables, drawings, analogies, and in depth explanations from my future book on German grammar.


If you want to have a person by your side to interpret your conversational partners speech as it happens, I can help you with my fluency in both German and English, as well as my extensive cultural knowledge acquired in Europe and in the United States.

I promise to deliver the oral translation in reasonable speed, with additional explanations upon request. If it suits your situation, I can convey information and intents on your behalf, and provide you with my opinion about the style of communication afterwards.

Additionally, I might be helpful in interpersonal relationships by mediating between culturally and linguistically specific worldviews, and thus aid deeper understanding between partners or among all participants.

You can count on my discretion: I will protect your privacy.

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